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Marlon Romero Gomez was born in Pucallpa, Peru,

the base of the Amazon Rainforest Jungle. He is both

a self taught and trained visionary and environmental

artist. His oil and acrylic paintings reflect his visions

and landscapes of the rainforest and give insights into

the indigenous and mestizo religious belief systems in

the life of the Peruvian people. He uses his own life experiences and visions to create the image.


The Amazonian myths, legends and stories are also invaluable in his paintings. In addition to being an

Artist, Marlon has also studied Shamanism for many

years, learning the medicinal ways that plants can

heal a human being. Combining his love of painting

and nature, Marlon has developed a method of pain-

ting nature that is healing. Marlon’s “visions” of the

world reveal part reality and part mythology. He

enjoys painting with vibrant colors and details to

translate the beauty of the Amazon and the Costa

Rican jungle.  

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