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Marlon Romero Gomez was born in Pucallpa, Peru, the base of the

Amazon Rainforest Jungle. He is both a self-taught and trained visionary

and environmental artist. His oil and acrylic paintings reflect his visions and landscapes of the rainforest and give insights into the indigenous and

mestizo religious belief systems in the life of the Peruvian people.


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Marlon has presented his Art at the Usko Ayar School in Peru;

in museums, galleries and conservation programs. His paintings

have been featured and sold in the United States, Peru, Costa Rica,

Ecuador, Brazil, Norway, Finland and Japan.


Marlon’s paintings and murals are in private homes, with Art

collectors, and include with a former President of Peru.


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2538 Ulloa Street, San Francisco, CA 94116  |  Tel: 415-225-1896